We want every member of our community to share the wish to see all of our students leave school with the necessary skills, attributes, empathy, knowledge and qualifications required to be highly successful, thoughtful and reflective adults who contribute and flourish – wherever the future takes them. Ensuring that this is the case is an important focus for us at John Cabot Academy.

Encouraging high standards of behaviour, excellent school attendance, enjoying a wide range of rich experiences and giving children hope and aspiration for the future are also key elements in making sure that students are equipped to do well. At JCA we strongly believe that this is a shared responsibility with parents and carers. To that end, we have every wish to work closely and supportively with you.

Our ultimate aim is to produce students who are well rounded and are suitably prepared to take their place into the dynamic local, national and international community – wherever the future takes them.

A strong, supportive partnership between home and school is fundamental to the success of any child. We very much look forward to working with parents and carers in a harmonious, mutually beneficial partnership to build this confidence and success.

If parents and carers have a question about any aspect of their child’s education then they are strongly encouraged to contact the school at the earliest opportunity and a member of our staff will be in touch to help you.

Sally Apps
Executive Principal