Monday 15th May – First GCSE exam
Wednesday 28th June – Last GCSE exam

N.B. Orals and practicals may take place from January through to early May.

Holidays must not be arranged during your child’s published exam dates as the dates of the public exams cannot be changed.

Thursday 23rd  August – GCSE results published to candidates.


Date Day Subject Session
16th May Tuesday French 9am
17th May Wednesday Health & Social Care 9am
18th May Thursday Drama 1.30pm
19th May Friday Spanish 9am
19th May Friday Physical Education 1.30pm
22nd May Monday English Literature Paper  1 9am
22nd May Monday Geography Unit 1 1.30pm
23rd May Tuesday Media Studies 9am
23rd May Tuesday Religious Studies Unit 2 1.30pm
24th May Wednesday Business Studies Paper 1 9am
24th May Wednesday Biology Paper 1 1.30pm
24th May Wednesday Science Paper 1 1.30pm
25th May Thursday Maths Paper 1 (non calculator) 9am
26th May Friday English Literature Paper 2 9am
5th June Monday History  – International Relations 9am
6th June Tuesday English Language Paper 1 9am
6th June Tuesday Geography Unit 2 1.30pm
7th June Wednesday German 9am
7th June Wednesday Computing 9am
7th June Wednesday Religious Studies Unit 7 1.30pm
8th June Thursday Maths Paper 2 9am
9th June Friday Chemistry Paper 1 9am
9th June Friday Science Paper 2 9am
9th June Friday Music 1.30pm
9th June Friday Business Studies Paper 2 1.30pm
12th June Monday English Language Paper 2 9am
13th June Tuesday Maths Paper 3 9am
13th June Tuesday Hospitality & Catering 1.30pm
14th June Wednesday Additional Science Paper 1 9am
14th June Wednesday Physics Paper 1 9am
14th June Wednesday History  – Germany 1918-39 1.30pm
16th June Friday Additional Science Paper 2 9am
16th June Friday Biology Paper 2 9am
19th June Monday Chemistry Paper 2 9am
20th June Tuesday History  – British Society 9am
21st June Wednesday Physics Paper 2 9am
21st June Wednesday Dance 1.30pm
26th June Monday Design & Technology 9am

You must bring your own scientific calculator to your exams where necessary, along with all other required equipment such as a protractor, compass, black pens, pencil, rubber, ruler etc.

Please find attached the latest version of the end of year timetables and also the GCSE and A Level timetable for the remainder of the exam season.

End of Year Timetable                  GCSE & A Level Timetable

Please read the following INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES documents before entering the exam.

GCSE results will be available to collect from the Academy between 9am – 10am on Thursday 24 August.  If you are unable to attend on this date, please leave a ‘large letter envelope’, self-addressed and stamped (a large letter stamp costs 98p) with Mrs Penfold before the end of term, and your results will be posted out to you.