Enrichment Opportunities




Academic Support Drop-in [all year groups] : Monday to Thursday after school

Revision Club – History : Monday

Revision Club – Geography : Tuesday



GCSE Computing Support : Tuesday after school

GCSE ICT Support : Wednesday after school



Turquoise Times [School Newspaper Club] : Wednesdays after school

Exam skills & Catch-up Club : Mondays from term 2 after school


Creative Design Faculty

Art & Design : in the Creative Centre : Wednesday after school [Year11]

Catering in BF10 : Tuesday after school [Year11]

Media Studies in BF7 : Thursday after school [Year11]

Photography in the Creative Centre : Wednesday after school [Year11]

Product Design in BF8 : Monday after school [Year11]

Product Design in BF8 : Tuesday after school [Year11]

Product Design in the Design Centre : Wednesday after school [Year 11]

Textiles in BG2 : Tuesday after school [Year11]



Activities change every term – check the posters in the PE

Department and the information in the parents’ newsletter



GCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation Club : in CG3 Monday


Performing Arts

Harmony Group : Wednesday lunch time

Choir : Friday lunch time

GCSE Music Coursework Support : Monday & Wednesday after school

Academy Production Rehearsals : Tuesday after school until 5.00pm



Maths Club : Wednesday lunch time

Maths Club : Wednesday after school



French and Spanish : Tuesday after school

German : Wednesday after school