Term Dates

Holiday Dates



37 teaching days

Tues 4 Sept 2018 to Wed 24 Oct 2018
(Mon 3 Sept: Inset Day)
Tues 4 Sept: Y7 students only
Wed 5 Sept: Y8-Y11 students return
(Thurs 25 Oct: CLF Conference)
(Fri 26 Oct: Inset Day)


Thursday 25 October 2018 to
Friday 2 November 2018 inclusive



34 teaching days


Mon 5 Nov 2018 to Fri 21 Dec 2018

Monday 24 December 2018 to
Monday 7 January 2019



30 teaching days


Tues 8 Jan 2019 to Fri 15 Feb 2019
(Mon 7 Jan: Inset Day)


Monday 18 February 2019 to
Friday 22 February 2019



30 teaching days


Mon 25 Feb 2019 to Thurs 4 Apr 2019
(Fri 5 Apr: Inset Day)


Friday 5 April 2019 to
Monday 22 April 2019



22 teaching days


Tues 23 Apr 2019 to Fri 24 May 2019
(Mon 22 Apr: Easter Monday)
(Mon 6 May: May Day Bank Holiday)


Monday 27 May 2019 to
Friday 31 May 2019



36 teaching days


Mon 3 Jun 2019 to Tues 23 Jul 2019
(Fri 5 Jul: CLF Inset Day)



Inset Days when Academy is closed:
Mon 3 Sept
Thurs 25 Oct (CLF Conference)
Fri 26 Oct
Mon 7 Jan
Fri 5 Apr
Fri 5 Jul (CLF Conference)

Inset Days when Academy is closed:

Thurs 25 Oct (CLF inset day)

Fri 26 Oct

Mon 7 Jan

Fri 5 Apr

Fri 5 Jul (CLF inset day)

South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach Company provide the school bus service to parents, with various routes available across the Bristol area.

For parents wishing to apply for transport on the JCA School Buses, please send an email to:  info@sgbc-bristol.com including your postcode and a contact telephone number.
We will get back in touch with an information pack, and will email you with a copy of the amended timetable before the start of school.

If you require a posted copy, you can request this at the above email address, or you can always call us direct on: 0117 9314340.

Safety First

Closing a school is a complicated decision that affects students, staff and families. We want our school to provide students with a safe and stable place to learn.   We are also aware that by closing the school we may be stopping parents/carers from going to work and difficulties with childcare issues.   Closing school is an exception and we will always do everything possible to keep open, even if we can only open the school to a limited number of year groups.

The primary criteria we consider when making a decision will include:

  • The safety and well-being of students and staff
  • Severity of the weather (extreme cold, flooding, etc.)
  • The ability for buses and cars to travel safely
  • Our ability to keep our site safe.

In the event of a risk of closure in the week ahead, we will monitor the forecast from the Met Office and other trusted local providers.   In the event of overnight snowfall, staff members will endeavor to be on the school premises from early in the day, to ensure that the site is safe.   We will liaise closely with bus companies and the local authority also at this time.

Notifying Families

In the event that school is closed due to severe weather, we will make every attempt to notify families as soon as possible.

Full-day school closure decisions will be made as early as possible in the morning following severe weather overnight .

We notify families via:

  • Email messaging
  • Our website
  • Our Twitter account @johncabotnews
  • We will also communicate via other forms of media, including TV, radio and local newspapers/

Parents can help by making sure that we hold up-to-date contact information, as well as emergency contact information.

Notifying Staff

Staff will be informed of any closure (partial or full) by email and/or our school website and twitter feed.


Making the Decision to close or partially close

The Principal or other nominated member of SLT will make a decision after consulting with our Building Services team and other stakeholders as needed.



Cancel after-school activities – When conditions become severe during the day, we may cancel after-school activities. Every effort will be made to notify parents/carers before midday.

Late start or early dismissal – These options are only used during emergencies because they have significant impact on transportation and child care. We will notify families as early as possible if this is required.

Closing the school – This option will be taken if conditions render our site unsafe or if we do not have sufficient staff to supervise students for all or the majority of the day.