If you wish to apply for a place at John Cabot Academy, you are required to complete your home Local Authority common application form on line or by post by 31 October 2016.

Please ensure you complete your list of school preferences in strict order of your personal preference.

John Cabot Academy will consider all applications for places. Where fewer than the published admission number of 160 applications are received, John Cabot Academy will offer places to all who have applied.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than 160, we will apply our over subscription criteria and applications will be considered in the order as set out in the flow chart .

All students participate in one assessment:

A Non Verbal Reasoning assessment to determine ability.

(John Cabot Academy offers places across the full ability range within five ability bands).

Children currently and those previously in Public Care, (CIC), will be allocated places.  Students with a Statement of Special Educational Need, or Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP), where John Cabot Academy is named, requiring specific admission to John Cabot Academy will be allocated places.

The following criteria are applied to the remaining places, in each of the five ability bands.

Places are allocated to siblings of students at the Academy across the ability bands.

If the number of applicants with a sibling exceeds the number of places available in an ability band, random allocation would be used to determine the places.

The remaining places are offered by a random allocation in each ability band.  Wherever possible, 80% of the remaining places will be allocated to students who live within Zone A, defined as a radius of four miles centred on the Academy and 20% of the places will be allocated to students who live within Zone B, (outside the four mile radius of Zone A).



  • We are holding our Open Evening for entry into Year 7 in September 2016, date to be confirmed.
  • The Local Authority (LA) common application form must be completed and returned to your home Local Authority by 31st October 2016. The LA will send application data to John Cabot Academy late in November.
  • If English is not the applicants 1st language it is vital that you inform the Academy prior to attending the Admission Assessment.
  • We will send you an appointment to attend John Cabot Academy for an assessment. This academic assessment will be a standardised non verbal reasoning assessment specifically constructed by Granada Learning, an independent provider of educational assessments.  This enables us to offer places to students of all academic abilities.
  • The assessment is scheduled for Friday 9 December 2016. If you have not received an appointment letter by 1 December please contact the Admissions Officer at the Academy.
  • Children in Public Care* are those looked after by a Local Authority within the meaning of Section 22 of the Children Act 1989. Children previously in Public Care** are those who were looked after, and were then adopted, (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).
  •   To be classed as a sibling an applicant must have a sibling currently attending John Cabot Academy in Years 7 to 11.  In order for a Year 12 age student at Post 16 within the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) to be classed as a sibling they must have completed KS4 at John Cabot Academy and continue to attend the CLF on the date of admission of the applicant.  A Year 13 student in the CLF cannot be classed as a sibling for admissions.


Please note that twins/multiple birth applicants are treated as individuals.  As such, this may result in a situation where a place could be offered to one child and not to the other/s.

All assessment results and procedures for the allocation of places are open to inspection by HMI, OfSTED and the DfE.  The random selection is witnessed by independent auditors.

Any applicant who is absent for the assessment and who does not notify John Cabot Academy of the circumstances of absence on the day of the assessment or within 2 working days, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the admissions process.

 Waiting list and late applications

Applicants who complete the admissions process and are not offered a place at John Cabot Academy as their preferred school will normally have the option to be placed on a waiting list.  Late applications will not be considered until all first round offers have been made.

Applications received by the Local Authority after the closing date will be treated as ‘late applications’ whatever the reason for such late application and (unless there are exceptional circumstances determined by the Academy) will not be considered with on time applications.  If places become available after the first round of allocated places, late applications will be considered in accordance with the 2nd round over subscription criteria along with on time applications on the waiting list.


If you complete the admissions process and your child is not offered a place at John Cabot Academy you normally have the right to appeal to an independent panel.  This part of the process will be organised on behalf of John Cabot Academy by South Gloucestershire Council Democratic Services.  You will receive information regarding this when offers of secondary school places are sent out. Our prospectus is available from: John Cabot Academy.     Tel: 0117 976 3000     Fax: 0117 976 0630

Email: Sue.Ford@jca.cabot.ac.uk     Website: www.cabot.ac.uk


*Children in Public Care are those looked after by a local authority within the meaning of Section 22 of the Children Act 1989.

**Children Previously in Public Care are those who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted(1), or became subject to a residence order(2), or special guardianship order(3).  Documentation will need to be provided for verification.

1 Under the terms of the Adoption and Children Act 2002. Advice from the DfE sets out that the Adoption Act did not come into force until 31 December 2005 and therefore only children adopted after this date qualify as Previously Looked After Children.

2 Under the terms of the Children Act 1989.  3 Section 14A of the Children Act 1989.